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Frequently Asked Questions:

-What is the elevation at the retreat house?  Elevation is approximately 5750 ft. 

-What type of coffee maker is available?  We have both a Keurig and a regular Drip coffee maker available for your use. 

-What pots/pans are available?  I have tried to supply the house with anything that I would like to find in my kitchen at home.  Thus, there are baking pans, frying pans, a crockpot and saucepans of various sizes available.

-What are the nearby food options?  The house is not in an area that is conducive to delivery.   You can travel to Lyons, Longmont, Boulder or Estes Park- all within approximately 30 minutes and find most cuisines for dining in or take out.   Otherwise, we recommend that you either prepare your own or consider a catering service.   I do know a woman who may be interested in helping in this area if you so choose. 

- Cell Service is very limited in this area.   As such we do have a land line and WiFi calling is available if your phone is equipped with this feature. 

- What kind of beds are available as some of the pictures look like there may be cots.  All eight beds are platform beds (6 twin and 2 queen) with new mattresses, no sleeping on cots or the floor.

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